“Physical Therapy Around Me” by Mark J. Reeder, MD

Physical Therapy Around Me” by Mark J. Reeder, M.D. is an excellent read, filled with real life experiences about helping people regain the health they deserve and enjoy once again.

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The author, Dr. Reeder, is an osteopathic physician and physical therapist who has worked with many patients who have experienced physical therapy problems that prevented them from continuing on with their treatment. This book is not a medical book, but rather a “how to” manual on how to handle physical therapy problems. It contains information that anyone who works with physical therapy should know. He provides practical advice on common treatment issues and techniques.

I found the book to be extremely informative and inspiring, especially for those who are suffering from conditions like arthritis and chronic illness or injuries. Most of what Dr. Reeder teaches in his book is also taught in many other books I have read. I would recommend this book to anyone who is suffering from a physical problem and looking for help.

I found the book to be very motivating and encouraging. The author makes it clear that even though physical therapy can be very intimidating and difficult, the goal is to return to a healthier lifestyle and a state of fitness. Once you reach this goal, your health will benefit greatly. and you will have increased energy, better posture, improved mobility, and improved flexibility.

The book is an excellent tool for those who are working with someone who is having difficulty with physical therapy, including parents, family members, patients in hospitals or nursing homes, patients who cannot work or are recovering from surgery, and those who may need help with basic daily tasks. The book is written in simple language, making it easy to understand and to read. The authors’ experience and knowledge make it easy to provide valuable information to the reader.

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